Hotels.com Adds a Cool AR Tool

Hotels.com ... SmartHotels.com recently got in on the augmented reality craze by creating a touristy app that let’s see hold different cities across the U.S. It’s truly a gimmick, but in these early days of AR it seems that is enough to get some attention.

Even though this app won’t ever affect my using Hotels.com, it may actually be enough to keep some people interested a few minutes longer.

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AR in Teaching

3D Pop-up BookOne of the most exciting areas that can use the help of Augmented Reality is education. Luckily companies are beginning to understand the educational benefits of this technology and how it can benefit children and adults alike. ZooBurst lets anyone create a pop-up book for free right through their browser, no special skills required!

via Free Technology for Teachers


AR and Golf … What can be Better?

AR iPhone ApplicationTerra Imaging has recently released an application for the iPhone that allows one to get better data about the course and specific hole one is playing. The application uses the GPS system of the iPhone to give the user a better view of the course what lies ahead. Another augmented reality app for iPhone enthusiasts everywhere.

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First-Life & Second-Life Meet, Talk About AR

Just saw this video by the Augmented Environment Lab at Georgia Tech. Cool stuff.


Augmented Reality Coming To The iPhone!

This was ablaze on twitter today so I thought I might pass it to the rest of you. Yes, augmented reality capabilities will be introduced to the iPhone crowds in September when Apple releases its OS update 3.1.

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